Project Description

Jenni Hawkins

Jenni Hawkins

Hythe Town Council – Hythe East

I’m a newly elected Green town councillor for Hythe; I used to work as a nurse but left the profession in 2016 to care for my family and study from home.

I’ve always been environmentally conscious, having seen warnings on the news as a child about the dangers of global warming and images of plastic waste that would never break down. However, it’s still shocking for me to learn that we now only have around ten years to limit the effects of climate breakdown; even more shocking is the lack of action from our government.

When my youngest daughter started school last year, I decided to become more active, attending Green party meetings, helping to deliver leaflets, and joining in with Extinction Rebellion protests. I try to limit my environmental impact by not driving and I’ve been a vegan for many years, which is also for ethical reasons. I look forward to working with others in the community to make a positive change.